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I’ve been creating hand-built ceramics for 25 years in my home studio in Delray Beach, FL. My artwork has been exhibited in multiple juried art shows and galleries throughout south Florida. While my focus continues to be on clay sculpture, I also like to paint with acrylics on canvas and wood. Since I love working with mixed media, I started creating unique “ART STORIES” on shadow boxes, combining painted imagery, mixed media assemblages, and prints of my own photography.

Creating art is an escape for me into a safe world of joyful purpose! I sketch designs that will become a painting or a vessel or a sculpture embellished with a sprinkle of “magic.” Many of my new sculptures are curvy vases capturing women’s poses. After glazing and firing, I may collage images onto the surface or add adornments such as jewelry, beads, gold leaf or pieces of fabric. Other mixed media work focuses on bird activity, including my favorites ~~ “YARD BIRDS” and “FEATHER DANCERS”.

My life has become more adventurous with frequent travel. As I now spend longer periods of time in vibrant locations, I can attend classes in a variety of art media. My own creativity is greatly influenced by studying art produced in different cultures. The primitive, colorful art found on the islands of The Bahamas and Hispanola, and the soulful folk art made in Mexican villages have been an inspiration for how I choose to make art.

When Chairs Dream

Dance with Me


What We Embrace

Feather Dancer - Esmeralda

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