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Paulette Lust

I'm an artist who perceives everything by form, design and color. I’ve been painting, drawing, and hand-sculpting and have shown and sold original artwork in galleries, museums, one-woman shows, and auctions throughout the US, Japan, and Europe. 


My ceramic work is what I term contemporary primitive; raw with an edge. I call it primitive because I keep it spontaneous, not overworked. The work is whimsical with a twist, easy to understand and fun to look at and enjoy. My ceramics are unique pieces completely hand built. I play with the clay, molding it until I see something emerge. It could be animals, faces, figures, flowers - that’s when the fun begins. I remove clay that doesn’t fit the image I have in my mind and I’m left with the piece I first envisioned.


Thank you for supporting the arts and the artist. I greatly appreciate your attention and I hope these pieces give you serenity and happiness.

Two Best Friends

The Mermaid

My New York Rat

Bouquet of Flowers

The Godess

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