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Claudia Stucki-Kunz

Touch: molding, bending, carving, twisting. Manipulating and being in contact with various materials from clay to wire has always been something that interests me. At an early age, I studied ceramics and eventually opened my own studio in Zurich, Switzerland. Following a curiosity of materials, I’ve had different moments working with fabric, wire and have most recently returned to using clay. I particularly enjoy using hand building, but also like the challenge of wheel throwing. Everything that surrounds and interests me is often processed and filtered into my pieces, which is why my work often changes in form and style.

HUG ME, Stoneware, 2021.jpg

Hug Me - 2021 (Stoneware)

Not my shirt anymore, Porcelain, 2021.jpg

Not My Shirt Anymore - 2021 (Porcelain)

Re-Cycle, Porcelain, 2021.jpg

ReCycled - 2021 (Porcelain)

Flying Hands, Wire Art, 2008.JPGx.jpg

Flying Hands - 2008 (Wire, feathers)

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