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Barbara Powell

“Clay is my creative path forward“

Clay is all about exploring endless possibilities. For me, it starts with form. And so, whether it is a wheel-thrown or hand-altered piece, the work must first exhibit certain well intentioned features before any alterations or surface treatments are considered. I don’t feel the need to hurry this process as the art can define itself.


One option I employ is to push the clay out, and sometimes beyond its breaking point, much like rock under ancient geological forces. My textured Raku pieces are good examples of this as they often exhibit deep fractures and crevasses which capture light and shadows reminiscent of sunlight moving across a mountain side. Conversely, my Saggar pieces are formed and burnished until they have the look and feel of river rock smoothed by the unending flows of water.

After 25 years of exploring all things clay, I feel the same excitement as day one. And I delight in having the capacity to translate my love of clay into a works of art so that others can then appreciate them as I do.

Raku textures.jpg
Powell_Raku_pics 2017~3.jpg
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