Clay and Fused Glass

Betty Wilson owner of Craft Gallery

Clay body with fused glass and unique finds

Artist Statement:
Working with clay, glass and paint allows me to express myself without words. Sharing my love of art with other people gives me great joy. I feel free when I am creating.

Artistically, my life began in the early ’80s as I painted faces “After Picasso” and “After Matisse” on clothing. “Made Ugly by Me!” was the name of the clothing collection. Later in the ‘90s, I wanted to create and hand design the media that I painted on, so I taught myself to work in clay with some help from my friends. After the next few years studying, taking workshops from some of the masters of ceramics and showing in juried art shows, galleries and art in public places, I fine-tuned my artistic style.

Then, while looking for a new canvas for my painted faces, I discovered the fused-glass technique, one of the oldest hot-glass methods, sometimes referred to as “warm glass.” My fused-glass art is an extension of my clay sculptural work. As I become more involved in the approach and the textures of glass, I find I can’t get enough of it! I love the exciting interplay of light and color when I peek into the red-hot glowing kiln, to see the soft molten liquid melting together in one brilliant form. My biggest thrill is fifteen hours later, when I open the kiln lid to see the fascinating and extraordinary design that has taken place. Due to the handcrafted nature of my technique of layering hand-cut transparent, opaque and iridescent glass together with a little copper, then doing a series of kiln firings at temperatures ranging from 1200 to 1600 degrees, my fused glass is a one-of-a-kind art, where no two pieces are ever alike.

My work is never about clay or glass; it’s about what can the media do for my art and what I am trying to express. My fused-glass faces give off so much energy that people say they make them smile. I am a committed Ceramist turned committed Glass Fusion Artist. What more could I ask for? Only that others also are filled with the joyful light and energy that my art creates!

I have been a part of the developing art scene around West Palm Beach for the past 20 Years. I am an Artist/ potter/ business woman, inspired by the Native Florida landscape, which is emphasized in my work in the gallery.

I have sold pieces in many venues including juried art shows, galleries, tiles for a Disney hotel and have created custom Designs throughout the States. I created "Sunburnt Charlie" sponsored by City Place for the Gators Galore project.

When I am not creating Art I am teaching pottery and glass fusion in my studio or in a variety of after school programs teaching in creative and fun ways.


5911 South Dixie Hwy.
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

"Long Neck"
One of many - Public Art

"The Sword"
One of many - Public Art

"Ole Florida Palm"
One of many - Public Art

" 1 Turtle"
One of many - Public Art

"Birds of a Feather"
One of many - Public Art

One of many - Public Art

"Sail Fish"
One of many - Public Art